area case studies

The project has used demonstration sites across the UK, Ireland and France to develop and test a range of techniques ranging from public participation through to the economic appraisal of floodplain management options. These sites are:

  The Forth catchment in Scotland
  The international Erne catchment in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  The Val de Charente in south west France
  The Somerset Levels and Moors in South West England
  The Fens in Eastern England

A sixth project area in the Cherwell, England focused on methods to assess the cumulative hydrological effects of floodplain restoration.

The project was undertaken over three years from 1999. Project Officers in each site led work on:

  Facilitating and developing the partnership in the area
  Collection of data to profile the floodplain to determine the physical suitability for wetland restoration
  The social and economic profile of the floodplain in question to identify relevant stakeholders
  Running stakeholder participation events to select sustainable floodplain management options. The emphasis on stakeholder participation proved to be a major success in moving the planning process forward
  Appraising management options from economic, social and environmental perspectives to test their sustainability
  Analysing policy barriers to and opportunities for the wise use of floodplains
  Developing local and national action plans to take forward the lessons learned
  Disseminating the results