guidance notes

The use of specific sites has generated robust tools and recommendations that will be vital in both the implementation of the WFD, and in the wise use of floodplains in general. The main results have been developed into simple guidance notes that will form part of a toolkit to assist with river basin planning. Further background papers and technical reports are available on this website.

The guidance notes provide a starting point for thinking about the wise use of floodplains and floodplain restoration measures. They are relevant to on- the-ground work, everyday floodplain management issues as well as future policy development and strategic planning. They should benefit decision-makers, planners, regulators and land water mangers. Each guidance note is a summary of a detailed Technical Report.

The WUF guidance notes are:

  Overall Guidance Note
  Hydrological Impact Assessment
  Participatory Processes
  Policy Analysis
  Options Appraisal